The Sojourn & The Famished Lover

An artist caught in the tenches of Ypres, a lover whose brief stay in London makes the return to battle that much harder.
Words Worthy Book Award 2003 Finalist Western Reads 2005 Finalist Ottawa Book Award 2004 Globe and Mail Notable Book 2003 Maclean's Top Ten Canadian Novels 2003 Vancouver Sun  Notable Book 2003 Quill & Quire Top Five Canadian fiction 2003
"Ypres, Somme, Cambrai: the names are enough to tell you what happens to these soldiers, yet this is not a depressing book. It is bursting with goodness and love and decency.... The Sojourn is not a blockbuster. It has no linguistic pyrotechnics, no outrageous characters, no bizarre plot devices. What it has is solid research, excellent writing and a deep- seated passion for the exploration of an individual's moral development." Robin McGrath, The St. John's Telegram "When I was young, draftable and uncertain about participating in my country's latest war, I read Erich Marie Remarque's antiwar novel All Quiet on the Western Front. It made all the difference. The Sojourn is just such a book, a testament to the truth that 'there are no sides at all, that we're fighting ourselves, that the corpse that comes with victory will be our own'." Andrew Armitage, Owen Sound Sun Times
A sequel to The Sojourn  in which Ramsay Crome rebuilds amidst the shadows of Depression and haunted memories of life as a  prisoner of war.
Longlist International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2008 Longlist Giller Prize 2006
"Cumyn is an accomplished writer and The Famished Lover is both a complex and compelling read. It is also that rare thing - a sequel that is the equal of an excellent, moving original and in some ways surpasses it." Bruce Berskine, Halifax Chronicle-Herald
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